6 thoughts on “This is Why The Internet Was Invented”

  1. Maybe I think too much like a murder mystery writer, and maybe I’m wrong, but the main things I think of when I see those stills are…ok, you’ve already decided that you’re never going to run for public office or partner with anyone who wishes to. You’re never going to apply for a job that requires a certain level of security clearance. You’re never going to piss off someone a *lot*. Because those images are out there and they are never going to go away.
    I was directed this way by an LJ friend, by way of intro.

  2. This is Why The Internet Was Invented, The Sequel

    Obviously, there are a lot of folks out there with idle hands. My previous post about Beautiful Agony, a site full of videos of people’s faces as they masturbate to orgasm, got a huge number of hits. So here I


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