World’s Ugliest Book Covers

I keep getting emails from J. Crowder at Lightsword Publishing. The emails have no message, just a link to their site. Brilliant marketing, huh? I finally gave in and clicked it. The link takes you to an astonishingly amatuerish website. But if you think the site21hrflmpiml_ss160_
looks bad, you should see their book covers. They must have hired a class of third graders as their art department. You have to wonder what J. Crowder hopes to gain by these emails…

6 thoughts on “World’s Ugliest Book Covers”

  1. Godawful covers. It is not clear from their website of they are a vanity press. They probably are the type that charge nothing and then sell books back to the authors at a high price.
    There are legitimate royalty-paying regional or independent presses that have brilliantly designed and attractive covers intended to enhance sales. My favorite of these is Sunstone Press (, the publisher of three of my books.

  2. Lightsword Slop

    I still keep getting inundated with unwanted email from Jennifer Crowder at Lightsword Publishing, even after I ridiculed her company’s inept promotional efforts and ugly covers here… and after I emailed Crowder to please take me off their mailing list.

  3. Falling on your Lightsword

    The wonderful Writers Beware blog reports that Lightsword Publishing is a scam run by imbeciles (no news to anyone who is a regular reader of this blog) and that the owners have been successfully sued for fraud by one of their swindled authors:


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