You Stole My Bad Idea

E! is reporting that a guy named Jack Bunick is suing Jennifer Lopez for allegedly ripping off his idea for the flop UPN series SOUTH BEACH:

The hourlong show
premiered Jan. 11 and lasted eight episodes, proving that there is a
limit to how much tanning, nightclubbing and stereotypically snooty
behavior viewers can stand. Bunick is seeking monetary
damages and an injunction barring any further broadcasting of South
(well, that second part sounds like a given anyway).

The report has amused the folks at MediaBistro:

This shows true savvy: Suing over a cancelled show. Clearly, loads of money to be gotten there.

1 thought on “You Stole My Bad Idea”

  1. As sad as this sounds, I kinda support the guy taking a stand on principle. Sure, the show tanked, but the fact is, it did run, and *someone* made money off of it when it did. IF it was his idea, he got rooked and has a case (per me). If not, well, nice try, bub.


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