Zoe Sharp is in town

Zshr02gun My friend Zoe Sharp is on the West Coast leg of her U.S. signing tour for SECOND SHOT and will be stopping by Mysteries To Die for in Thousands Oaks on Monday at 1:30 and at Mystery Store in Westwood at 7 pm. If you live in Southern California and don’t show up at one of her signings, she will hunt you down and kill you.

2 thoughts on “Zoe Sharp is in town”

  1. ZoĆ« is both a great author and a fantastic person. As Richard said, she’s very helpful to newbies, although in my case she was passing along her photography wisdom. I really hope she achieves the success she deserves.
    It was really great that you used her name as a character in the Psych episode Forget Me Not. Made me do a bit of a double take when I heard it. I had to rewind to the DVR to see if it was you who wrote the episode.


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